The Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is a very intelligent dog breed. They have learned in the past to hunt on their own without waiting for his master to give him orders which makes him a stubborn dog if he is not educated in the right way (Positive reinforcement and mutual respect). They are very active dogs and just like other greyhounds they love to run, but in the house are very calm dogs who love spending close time with their human. 


He is a very sensitive companion sentimentally just like a human so it is important to have a positive upbringing with him and mutual respect is in order. 


Its coat is like human hair, so regular baths (minimum 1x / week) are important to keep it looking good. Brushing for about 15 minutes each day is required to remove all possible tangles. Greyhounds also have hair on their muzzle, so once every three months it should be either waxed or shaved. Otherwise we strongly recommend having a groomer who knows the breed so that he / she can do it or help you. * the long coat of hair appears around the 3 years of the dog *


Greyhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They have a strong hunting instinct, hence the importance of socializing with small animals such as cats for good cohabitation. This is not a breed that is necessarily recommended with young children, since this is a sensitive dog, he knows his limits. Like any breed of dog, socialization at a young age will give good cohabitation in the future.


Afghan Hound Standard


An ancient member of the greyhound family, the Afghan was believed to have been brought from Arabia and Persia to Afghanistan where the breed’s long coat developed in response to the harsh climate. It was there on the border between Afghanistan and India that the breed attracted the attention of British soldiers in the latter part of the 19th century. As a result, some were brought back to Britain and were first exhibited in a show in 1907 as “Oriental Greyhounds.”

Activity Level

Bred to course game such as the swift gazelle, the Afghan is an athlete that requires lots of outdoor exercise.


Dogs stand about 27 in (69 cm) at the shoulder and carry around 60 lb (27 kg) on their lean, active frames.


The fine, silky, long and flowing coat is the Afghan’s crowning glory. It is topped with a natural, short-coated saddle running from in front of the shoulders down the length of the back. The head is crowned by an impressive topknot that frames the smooth-coated face. The picture is completed by a lightly feathered tail carried in a ring at the end.


All colours are permissible but white markings are considered undesirable.


On the following link you can see the complete Canadian Kennel Club Standatd (CKC):  CKC Standard - Afghan Hound