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Afghan Hound breeder in the Quebec region


We live on the countryside near Quebec city and share our daily life with magnificent Afghan Hounds who are without a doubt our favorite breed of dog.
I immersed my whole childhood in the world of pet breeding and I acquired 25 beautiful years of experience. I have always wanted to devote my life to my passion and today I finally realize it.

We embarked on this wonderful project of breeding Afghan Hound dogs. In order to ensure that we have newborn puppies from international champion lines we have imported our dogs from reputable breeders in Europe and Asia.  Being concerned with giving the best quality of life to our dogs, we promote their socialization as much as possible. Indeed, since we live in the countryside, our puppies and our dogs live alongside our other animals (ducks, cats, goats, rabbits, chickens and sheep) on a daily basis, all to accustom them to a wide variety of animals that their future families may have.

Our history

We are breeder of Afghan Hound from great lines of champions. Our Afghan Greyhounds are purebred, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and other major clubs recognized around the world.

Foser family

To offer a fulfilling environment to our Afghan Greyhounds we have set up a Host Family program. This allows the dog to live with his foster family and remain happy there throughout his life without having to change families when he retires as a breeder.

Our mission

Our mission is above all to make known and shine in Quebec the Afghan Greyhounds. This will be possible by ethically working on both the genetic and behavioral sides to present the Afghan at his best.

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To learn more about the Afghan Hound and the breed standard, see the section The Afghan Hound

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Photo of our Afghan Hound