Foster Family Application Form

Complete this form if you are ready to apply to care for one of our Afghan Hound dogs as part of our foster family program.

Before completing the form make sure you have read the terms and conditions included in our standard contract

Your answers will allow us to know a little more about you and how you envisioned the integration of this new member into your family.

Following receipt of your application (if we accept it of course), we will contact you to confirm everything or to plan a phone interview

If you have any questions before completing the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.


To read and consider before completing the form:

If you are thinking of owning an Afghan Hound puppy, know that you play a huge role in their life. There are several things to consider before welcoming a dog into your home.


Do you have time to take care of a dog?

This question requires careful thought. Ensuring the well-being and safety of a dog takes time.



A puppy needs to be educated especially in cleanliness or walking on a leash or so that it does not jump on people. Education is essential so that your dog does not develop behavioral problems. A dog must learn to behave well in public!

Patience is therefore essential. Living with your dog will only be more pleasant.

Exercise and interaction

Dogs need exercise. They also need to play. Your presence is required! Are you often absent? Do you travel frequently? A dog needs contact with its owners. They are a social animal and for them interaction is everything.


Complete the following form to apply for adoption:

Note: If you do not receive a response after sending your form, check your junk mailbox because we respond to all requests and some have already confirmed to us that they found our response in their junk mail.